How to sell real estate or how to buy real estate?

How to profitably sell an apartment or other real estate?

First of all, adopt a plan to sell an apartment or a house because thanks to it there is a chance that you will implement it in accordance with your expectations. Complete the documents and check the legal status. Do not forget to remove faults that may be used to lower the price. Remember to wisely estimate the price of the property - take into account similar ones in the area, the current market situation, demand, technical condition and location.  

Do away with any sentiments.


You must be ready to be fully available to buyers. The property is also a product, almost like on a shelf in a store. Therefore, take care of its nice packaging: refresh it - you don't need much, take good photos, and an attractive description of the apartment itself and the values ​​of the district where the future owner will live. Think about how to promote them: portals, Facebook, press, word of mouth?


At the end, however, think about whether you are really ready to do it all yourself, or maybe you can support yourself with someone who will help you out in many matters, advise you appropriately and save you a lot of time, which you still have to devote to your family, work and end to profitable sale of an apartment or sale of a house.

How to wisely go about buying real estate?

If you have found a property you are interested in, you should start with ... checking the budget. Remember that the price of an apartment is one thing, but you will have to pay additional fees depending on the market from which the property comes from, including: notary fee, entry in the Land and Mortgage Register, possible mortgage entry, tax on civil law transactions (PCC).


The second very important thing is the legal status of the property. Of course, the legal situation of each property may be different and additional documents may also be needed in individual cases. Price. Remember that you can always negotiate it, regardless of whether the property is from the secondary or primary market.


If you are lucky enough to get the deed of ownership transfer, remember that you have to complete the relevant formalities, whether in a housing cooperative (or a community manager) or in power and gas plants.


As you can see, there are some things that need to be dealt with before you buy a flat or a desired house. If you value your time much more and would like to have support in these not the simplest matters, then consider whether it is worth relieving yourself and your family and professional life by using the services of a specialist who will not only relieve you of all these obligations, but will allow you to gain the best possible price before investors offer you an amount much lower than you would like.

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