Home staging

Home staging as the art of preparing a property for sale in such a way that it looks attractive to potential buyers. So what should you know to strengthen your offer?

The basis is simply: to clean the property thoroughly. What's more, think about what the buyer will see before entering your property. If you have such an opportunity, also take care of its surroundings. The property itself is to be immaculately clean and fragrant. This applies to all its elements: walls, floors, windows, furniture, bathroom etc. What does not look very favourable during the presentation should be taken out of. You should definitely get rid of unpleasant smells, e.g. food, dirty clothes or our beloved pets. Remember that the first impression principle works here.

Flowers, fruits in the right place are always a good idea, terraces or balconies enriched with neat vegetation giving the opportunity to rest and relax are also of great importance.

Because the buyer identifies emotions with his future home, everything above and, in addition, all personal souvenirs, family photos should be hidden so that, colloquially speaking, not cause a sense of being at home. Your goal is to cause the opposite.

There is a huge chance that you’re facing a dilemma again: when I find time for all this. Here, as in other cases it is also worth of considering at least talking to a specialist - which I highly recommend!

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