Interior photo

"One picture is worth more than 1,000 words"


Nothing sums up a photo better as a part of a sale offer

an apartment or the sale of any other property.


Because what better reflects the value of an apartment or house than a beautiful photo,

not only showing the content but also reflecting the atmosphere of the place,

color holidays, prevailing light, shapes. The photo that works great

implements the strategy of the first impression in the eyes of the potential

Buyer or want to rent a property.


Does this action in the crowd of offers increase the chance of:

catch the attention of the buyer,

get a better price for an apartment or a house?


It is worth considering this.

In the meantime, I invite you to check my works:

If you find you need professional photography
then please contact me.

Below is the price list for standard implementations -
something that goes beyond that is a matter of conversation.

Price list - real estate

  1. studio apartment100,00 EUR
  2. one-bedroom apartment125,00 EUR
  3. 3 rooms and more apartments150,00 EUR
  4. House (up to 25 shots)175,00 EUR
  5. 3D virtual walk (DSLR camera)price is negotiable
  6. aerial photography (up to 5 shots)100,00 EUR
  7. air panorama 3D (+ 1 graphical element, e.g. attraction)100,00 EUR
  8. each next element of 3D air panorama6,00 EUR
  9. movie up to 2 min length.price is negotiable

Price list - commercial real estate

  1. 10 photos150,00 EUR
  2. 20 photos200,00 EUR
  3. each next photo10,00 EUR
  4. 3D virtual walk (DSLR camera)price is negotiable
  5. aerial photo (up to 5 shots)125,00 EUR
  6. air panorama 3D (+ 1 graphical element, e.g. attraction)150,00 EUR
  7. each next element of 3D air panorama7,00 EUR
  8. movie up to 2 min lengthprice is negotiable

Cennik usług - INNE

  1. charge of arrival (per 1km)0,50 EUR
  2. Fotografia produktowaprice is negotiable
All given prices are subject to change and are gross prices

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