Modern Real Estate Sale

Your apartment or your house is a real estate product, and this one, like any other, is supposed to attract the buyer's eye. Therefore, photography of interiors, virtual walks, panoramas of beautiful and/or interesting surroundings made at a good level increase the chances of a profitable sale of a house or apartment.

Shouldn't that be your end-of-day goal, i.e. more money in your account?

How can I help you get a favorable price by shortening the time of obtaining it:


  • I will only work for you representing your interests only
  • together we will set the price and the strategy for obtaining it
  • if the need arises, we will use home staging activities to make your home more attractive
  • I will prepare everything that will highlight the value of the property (the obvious and the less obvious - photos, virtual walks, 3D aerial panoramas, projection)
  • I will promote your property using online and offline tools
  • I will use sales techniques to make buyers willing to give their best :)
  • I will take care of legal security issues by verifying potential buyers and finally
  • I will take care of the organization of the sales process in cooperation with the notary

Below are samples of marketing activities.
It is only up to you whether you want to reach for more.


Interior photo

Virtual walks / even online presentations possible (Covid'19)

Air photo


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